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18 December 2009 @ 09:10 pm
hi guys. first of all this is 2baki, i just had a name change that is all. sorry to come poppin in all of a sudden with a name change D:
and i'm so sorry this place is kinda dead. Lizzie left, and Sara is kinda not here so i'm like the only one left i guess ;~;
well anyways, i finally made the icons from the pictures from that spam post :D lol no i didn't forget i only made icons out of certain images though.
sorry they are kinda crap, but my laptop only has elements and i had to use that D: my computer with cs3 and the tablet needs to be fixed orz
04 → Aria
13 → Hetalia
04 → Katekyo Hitman Reborn
07 → Kuroshitsuji
09 → Oguri Shun
07 → Tengen Toppa Guren Lagann
18 → Vocaloid
10 → other (Higu, Umineko, ToD...)

YOUtachi, what's you're type?Collapse )

and i wanna take this time to say that i going to be moving. yep. i'm sorry that i came back to only to make one post and leave ;~; but i think i just wanna start over and be by myself. if you still wanna follow me, my new comm is cinematicblue. but there will pretty much only be j-ent and no animanga cuz something happened that made me kinda lost interest in in animanga D: /shot

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07 September 2009 @ 03:26 am
i was planing to do this in the summer, but i totally forgot orz :D;;
spam post!

idk what to icon anymore so i though a spam post would be nice :)
★can be anything you want; animanga, fanart, singers, actors, stock, coughjohnny'scoughcough whatever it doesn't matter. b&w manga pictures are okay but please provide a color reference.
★this is NOT a request post, so i can not guarantee you that everything will be iconed. especially if the image you give lq, so hq/mq images are preferred.
★it would be nice if you could include the fandom or whatever so i can tag the post properly :)
★there is no limit to how much you images you can post. just post as many as you want. if you find more images later, you can always come back and post them here.
★i would prefer you post links and not images so the page won't take forever to load :')

i think that's all i have to say, so SPAM AWAY~ >8D
also, i have no idea when i will be able to icon the pics here because i am quite busy in my senior year of high school now. (maybe thanksgiving or winter break idk orz)